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Computer Systems Lab.

Computer Systems Laboratory focuses in its research on new parallel computing platforms and paradigms, and educates experts for design and engineering of contemporary and future embedded systems based on such platforms and paradigms. The field is wide covering the system design flow from specification to implementation, and therefore the laboratory personnel is a heterogeneous, international group of researchers. The majority of the activities intertwines to the Network-on-Chip (NoC) paradigm in which computation is divided into two distinct elements, processing and communication. Controllability is the third element of computation currently explored through hierarchical and distributed agent hardware and software architectures in order to ensure dependable operation of systems, even in the case of faulty subcomponents or large variability of their parameters. The key application domains for the developed framework are within embedded communication systems as well as within new concepts for personal health and safety. In conclusion, the research areas covered by our laboratory are system modeling and verification, design methodologies, embedded programming, multiprocessor architectures and platforms, fault tolerance methods, reconfigurable computing, and implementation technologies including both ASIC and FPGA based approaches.