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MyGoC: myGoogle-on-Chip


Welcome to myGoC (myGoogle-on-Chip)!

MyGoC, a special case for Network-on-Chip (NoC), is expected to be developed for the multimedia player market. The demand for flash based multimedia players will more than double in the next four years. A recent report said that shipments will jump from 140 million units in 2005 to 286 million by 2010. The increasing demand is not only for multimedia mass storage systems, but also for integrated associative search methods for large audio, video, picture, text document and other files. Besides traditional multimedia content, myGoC is planned to store indexed personal information such as email and instant messages service. These contents may take terabytes.

A new innovative myGoC will be based on a 3D architecture, which contains Smart Solid State Disk (Smart SSD, or 3SD) and Network-on-Chip, designed to become a multimedia hand-held device for the future. A 3D IC (Integrated Circuit) is a stack of multiple 2D ICs with vertical interconnections, which has higher packing density, lower delay and power consumption. Smart SSD has better capacity, flexibility, performance and power consumption than traditional hard disk drives. It is currently being developed by cooperation such as Sandisk, Samsung and Intel. Traditional hard disk manufacture such as Seagate is planning two tera-bytes hard drive for 2009. By January 2009, the largest 2.5-Inch SSD is one tera-byte from Nitro. SSD devices can replace traditional hard disk drives, when the technology and market are ready.

Besides Smart SSD, myGoC has another advantage as well - the multiprocessor. MyGoC will be based on a distributed multiprocessor architecture, which will increase computational ability compared with single processor architecture. With these, myGoC can decode high-definition videos, and can support extensive associative search on hand-held multimedia devices.