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AGENT: Agent-Based Management of CMOS Hyper Cores

AutoSub: Autonomous Voltage and Clock Frequency Scaling Using Sub-Threshold Operation and Task Sharing

DIJON: DIstributed Jointly Operating Networks

DOMES: Design Methodology for On-chip Multi-core Embedded Systems.

FastCop: Fault Tolerant Self-Timed Communication Platform for Future Nanoscale Systems

FaTNoC: Fault-Tolerant Network-on-Chip Platform: Enabling Technologies and Design Methods

MyGoC: myGoogle-on-Chip

RADMON: Electronics and Logic for a Satellite Instrument

RealJava: Low-Power Java Co-Processor with Improved Real Time Performance and Predictability

SeReNo: Service Based Reconfigurable NoC Architecture

STCSN: Self-Timed intelligent Communication Structures for Network-on-Chip

UWI: Ultra Wideband Wireless Interconnects

VirtuES: Embedded Multicore Systems Using Virtual Machine Approach